Goodin Family Album

For descendants of Hugo and Anna Goodin from Rockford, Illinois


You’ve stumbled on to the site for the family and descendants of Hugo and Anna Goodin. Hugo, Anna, and their family, Maynard, Harold, Vernon, Leslie, Kenneth, Arnold, Roger, and Betty, are shown above. Their older daughter, Helen, was deceased.

Over the next few weeks, months (years?) we will be adding photos, history and genealogy for the Goodin family and relatives. As we find you (and we will!) we will contact you for information about you and your families.

The site as you see it is only a placeholder. The final site will be much different (and better) so be sure to visit again. We will be adding new information as we gather it.

TerryIf you have information, history or photos you would like to share on this website, contact me, Terry Goodin (son of Kenneth), at or call 815/623-3220.


Contact Jack (son of Vernon), at or call 847/885-8053, with any family information for the family genealogy he is putting together.

By the way, neither of us has changed a bit. Jack still wears the striped shirt, but I gave up on the hat.